Stephen Andrade "The Terminator (Vintage Pulp Edition)" Print

Stephen Andrade "The Terminator (Vintage Pulp Edition)" Print

giclee print on matte paper
11 x 17 inches
signed and numbered, limited edition of 20

inspired by Terminator



This was the final Radical magazine to be published before the company succumbed to the evaporation of the pulp market. Ironically, it was also one of their best selling single issues. “The Terminator” was a nightmare mix of pulp horror and high concept science fiction, where a killer robot from the future, disguised as a human, is sent back in time to the reader’s present in order to kill the mother of an as-of-yet unborn child who will grow up to be humanity’s savior (got all that?). The story was wildly successful, but it was not enough to save the publisher from being erased by its own menace from the future— namely, the paperback boom. Andrade’s cover captures the monolithic menace of the Terminator robot, whose chilling and relentless hunt for its victim left readers breathlessly hanging on until the final, climactic battle. James Cameron jumped to the sci-fi paperback market with ease, authoring such classics as The Space Marines, The Abyss, and the sequel to “The Terminator,” Judgment Day. Cameron transitioned to mainstream fiction with his incredibly popular historical romance set against the sinking of the Titanic before returning to his sci-fi roots with Avatar, the first in a planned series of novels set on the alien paradise world of Pandora.