Stephen Andrade "Better Off Dead (Vintage Pulp Edition)" Print

Stephen Andrade "Better Off Dead (Vintage Pulp Edition)" Print

giclee print on matte paper
11 x 17 inches
signed and numbered, limited edition of 20

inspired by Better Off Dead



The title said UNUSUAL, and boy, it meant it! This magazine was a hodgepodge of genres and styles, with the stories ranging from action to horror to romance to humor, all with a quirky, surreal bend. This issue’s cover story, “Better Off Dead,” was written by S. Steve Holland, who also was the editor of the title, and (if rumors are to be believed) ghost-wrote the other stories appearing in this magazine under various pseudonyms. UNUSUAL never quite found its audience, even after shrinking to a digest size and dropping its price to a dime, and shortly after this issue hit the stands the magazine was terminated.