Stephen Andrade "Radical Pulps"

80's Pop Culture Reimagined by Stephen Andrade

What if the pop culture of the 1980’s had come along a half-century sooner?


While never reaching the widespread popularity of the larger publishing houses, the quirky Radical Publications garnered a small but loyal following during its existence. Based in Western Massachusetts, Radical’s first titles hit the newsstands in 1938. Over the following two decades their “pulp” magazines (a name that came from the cheap wood pulp paper on which they were printed) brought exciting stories and vibrant artwork to readers young and old who were looking for escape from daily life into the realm of the fantastic. Radical continued to publish through the mid-1950s, until the pulp market dried up and paperback books became the dominant medium for affordable fiction. Radical’s diverse line of magazines included some truly memorable stories and covers, and today these pulps have achieved a cult status and are much sought after amongst collectors.

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